Friday, February 7, 2014

proof thhat some atheists are assholes

 Comments on the blog about my brother's death.



Tor Hershman said...
How could Hay Zeus allow such thingys?
Tor Hershman said...
Perhaps if you'd have been watchin' something else, YOU could've avoided the tragedy, ya think?
So they will use anything they can to hurt Christians. Even they have not the slightest idea what they are talking about, they dont' know anything about the situation and it's the most hurtful thing.They have no conscience. they are not moral. because they don't believe in God. so they will use anything they can get hold of they will make the worst assumptions about you and they have no boundries.

this guy is a probalby a satan worshiper and a sociopath. is there any cruelyty or immorality they wont stoop to?

this guy knows absolutely nothing about the situation but he is so certian he does. how?

this is below the level of the carm atheists. not a single carm atheists failed ot express compassion for my loss. in all fairness they aer not all like this.

this guy is too stupid to realize how he's proving the point of this blog.

Now students what have I said about why God allows the world to go on in pain, suffering and evil? Let's read it again now:

Theodicy: Soteriological Drama
why does God allow pain and evil?

page 2: "Pain and Short lives"

page 3: 12 Angry Steriotypes


Anonymous said...

All atheists are assholes. Avoid them like the plague! They can't be trusted!

Anonymous said...

Atheists harass a Christian by spitting on their deceased family member's grave.
Surprise, surprise...
This is why everyone (rightfully) hates atheists. They are disgusting, worthless, evil, bigoted, immoral scum. F*ck all of them.
No atheism, know reason.