Saturday, June 8, 2013

Atheist black list Christian apolgosits

New Jagella on CARM says:
Hello Friends!

No doubt we have some fence-sitters in this forum, people who may not be too sure whether or not the Bible god exists. If any of you are in this situation, then I welcome you to this subsection. I also urge you to read carefully the posts of the following Christian members:

  • WendyWrites
  • Noemail001
  • Ferengi
  • Howie
  • Metacrock
  • StiggyWiggy
  • Ignatius

As you read the posts of these members, ask yourself some important questions. Do you want to think like these people do? Are these people honest and sensible? Do they know what they're talking about? Are these members emotionally stable? Based on what they say, do you think that Christianity inspires love, harmony, and a respect for the truth?
what does it realy mean that he puts up this list. Isn't it really saying "here are the ones to go after." to the naive he is saying "don't apy attention to them." Even though he says "read their stuff carefully." does he really mean read it? I've proved before that atheist don't read all the posts. they don't believe in reading anything carefully?

black lists are part of the fascist agenda. who was black listed and by whom in American History? Now atheists are starting to fun their own black lists?

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