Saturday, February 23, 2013

Public ridicule of Christainity beings in American life

The big atheist fad has turned the corner and the tipping point is here. Now we begin to see open ridicule of Christianity. At least according to Fox news, which is notoriously right wing. Aside from Fox hysterics here's what they sight:

*Paody of Quentin Tarantino style blood bath mocking Christ 3 days after lint. Of course it's hard to say if it's aid at mocking Jesus or moching Tarantino.

*NBC Sports blogger Rick Chandler wrote a scathing smear against a prominent Christian church in Dallas. Read more: of this that just that one blogger? First Baptist in Dallas is worth making fun of it, I make fun of it a lot.

*"NBC medical editor Nancy Snyderman infamously denounced the religious part of Christmas during an episode of Today.
“I don’t like the religion part,” said Snyderman. “I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up.”

a number remarks here and there but certain people. Does it mean anything? It clearly has been popular among young people for the last 10 years o think of Christianity as some shameful think they don't want to be associated with.  All the while the atheist ridicule and mocking has been heating up more and more every day all over the net.


JBsptfn said...

Here is some more:

Apparently, Lawrence(2+2=5 Atheist "genius")Krauss thinks that teaching creationism is child abuse.

Metacrock said...

here is the link


JBsptfn said...

Also, here is the link from Huffington Post that Stoogie had on this site:

Metacrock said...

Here is link

Metacrock said...

It's about Krauss says teaching creation is child abuse. Sure, they can't wait to indoctrinate your kids.I am not for creationism. It is holding kids back. I doubt that it's any more abusive that the reductionism atheists like Krauss would teach them.

JBsptfn said...

Yeah, and he would be wearing his 2+2=5 T-Shirt. I think that is the one he broke out when he debated William Lane Craig, but I am not sure.

For guys like him and Peter Atkins (Mr. "we are nothing and come from nothing"), it is all a big joke.

Metacrock said...

I'm beginning to think they all think that way.