Friday, October 19, 2012

The Difference Between AW and the Atheist Hateful Excuse for a "Watch" site

My version of a "watch" site is to talk about atheism as a movement. Becuase I don't have studies (because they dont' do them) following the hate group syndrome in atheism then I have us to anecdotal evidence. I don't center on one individual and just try to totally ruin his reputation and drive t into the ground that this one guy so totally no good...I have never done that. Some emotionally backward people who are quoted on this sight may feel I'm doing that. I think if one looks at the facts one sees that's not what I'm doing.

So atheists  have tried to come back on AW and put up a "MetacorckWatch" and it is exacltyk a character assasinatin aiming at hurting one guy ,me. One of the major contributors to it is Steve Smith, aka "Blondie/Backup" who has made a fool of himself over here many times. Notice he did it to himself then blamed me because he did it. He sent private hate male to me. He sent the mail. I put it up for the public, but he wrote it. Not content with being expossed he did it again. I put up again. He kept getting more and more angry and yet he didn't stop sending it. Then blames me for putting it up.

So now Steivies hasMetacrock watch

Iti s nothing but a pile of hogwash about what a bad guy I am. It even shows my pcituer and bleow it says:"the above needs no explianation." Of courset that's not personal is it? No tha'ts just good journalism.

They use a red background like I used to, trying to make it look ike AW used to look,  they haven't caught on to the change. they use lime green words on red background. I guess I did that. what was I thinking?
Here are some more classic Metacrock quotes:

There's a new book where a doctor and medical historian (a major forensic researcher) examined the secret Vatican archives and finds a huge number of resurrection accounts throughout history. She concludes they are true.

you are wasting my time. talking to you is absurd.

your concepts are stuck in a comic book frame work that's why you can't understand.

I said God is not a big man in the sky he's more like the laws of phsyics.

how many children did the atheists kill in the USSR?
Of cousre all of these are out of context.  Tyey think they aer so outrageouis you to see them in context to know what they are about.

It's all just personal bad mouthing:

How does one become as ill-informed as Matacrock? Part of it is having the emotional development of a three year old. When he is proven wrong, which is continually, he has a temper tantrum and refuses to admit a mistake.

Now we were all like this when we were three but Metacrock never outgrew it. This is why he continually holds on to the dumbest ideas and just repeats them though everyone knows he is wrong.

Recently on the fundamentalist hate site CARM Metacrock proposed the "Chruch of the Holy Seplechur" as hard archaeological evidence for Jesus. Now no one but the most know nothing fundamentalist or historical moron would make such a claim. He obviously has no idea what real historians or archaeologists do. He seems to be totally oblivious to what a simple google search would reveal about the history of the that Church.

At least I'm trying to make some sociolgical observations and show the hate of a movement. These guys are just trying to hurt people that made them feel small. I'ts so easy to make them feel small. Their behavior shows they are small.

This statement that "no one but the most know nothing fundamentalist or historical moron would make such a claim" just shows how uninformed he is. That was the claim of Dr. Biddle who did the last survey of the educable at the site and he himself is the one who made the statement. I was just reporting on his theory. I find these guys are so uninformed they often attribute to me personally positions I learned in seminary and that told them "this is what Tillich says" they will say "you are hte only person who believes that' (what about Tillich?).

Again it's a social movement based upon being unread and unlearned. one of their major tricks making everything personal.

That whole site might be boiled down to one idea: I hate this guy. to which I say I don't consider them important enough to waste my time hating them.


JBsptfn said...

Well, I notice that he hasn't had a post since February, so he must not have too many legit things to say.

Metacrock said...

LOL I guess Metacrock watching is boring when your only aim is ridicule.

Metacrock said...

all of their stuff is personal and badmouthing. they can't address issues. they can't think in terms of truth, they can only think about "I resist believing this so it must not be true."

Morrison said...

When you don't even spell atheist right in the title, and could use spell check, one starts to think you are throwing the fight.

Quit using disability as an excuse.

Use spell check instead.

You are not amusing.

Metacrock said...

let's all get caught up with what dyslexia is:
web definition:

A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not...

Web definitions

impaired ability to learn to read

(dyslexic) of or relating to or symptomatic of dyslexia

(dyslexic) dyslectic: having impaired ability to comprehend written words usually associated with a neurologic disorder

Dyslexia is a learning disability that impairs a person's ability to read, and which can manifest itself as a difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, and/or rapid naming. ...

A learning disability in which a person finds it difficult to read and write

(Dyslexic) A term used to describe children who experience a difficulty in learning to read that cannot be accounted for by limited ability or by emotional or extraneous factors. The term is not susceptible to precise operational definition. ...

Metacrock said...

btw Jhawks suck

Metacrock said...

hook em horns

Morrison said...

You know you have it.

So you could take steps to use spell check.

You are using your "disability" as an excuse.

Being paralyzed or having MS is a disalility.

But you are a whiner.

Metacrock said...
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Metacrock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Metacrock said...

you are tiring to make up for feelings intellectual inadequacy. you can't answer my arguments so you try to destroy my self esteem by ridiculing me for a handicap.

I told you I can' see the words the way do you. if you would use the brain God gave you you be able to figure out that that means spell check doesn't' work as well for me becuase I can't see it the same way you do.

Besides it was only in a title. contrary your ingenious theory that titles are the easiest thing it's harder to the underlines and I often just don't think about the title.

spelling is a minor thing. you are clutching at straws because you can't answer the issues.