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Atheists Threatnened by Real Ideas.

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"the Ship of Fools"

 theists on CARM were making a big production of the idea that there is real meaning to the phrase "God makes life meaningful." Their contention is that their lives are meaningful for them, becuase they want to think they are, and no other form of meaning that makes any difference. I think this is one of their more myopic conceits.

 Here is a more full and explanatory version of what you are about to read. bellow is the version I posted on CARM that drew the fire you will see below. This version will much better explain what it's saying. I don't think the original version deserves the kind of BS response it got.

I gave a little statement n the nature of meaning, the kind of meaning that God provides. I have not seen a single atheist, much less the ones bragging that they understood Nihilism so such much better than any theist, talking about it. the great guru of atheists and dilatant of the board ridicules the major thinkers who forged the notions of modernity on the nature of meaning and existentialism.

the question of meaning in life is an existential question. Those are the guys to cover it, the existentialists, becuase those the guys who raised the question in the history of Western letters. None of them one's who claim they understand Nihilism so much better than any Christian have said pea turkey about this issue or this definition that I put up.

When we say "meaning," as in "God gives us meaning" we have reference to an ordered relation between the idea and the particulars. Not to say it's necessary Platonist although it is Platonic in the sense that it relates the messy business of daily life to an ideal.

God is Truth, Being and love. These three things correlate. they are based upon the nature of being as an eternal necessary reality of depth in which the beings are produced and in turn partake.

Meaning is an ordered relation based upon creative purpose and wisdom and orients the contingent aspects of being to the eternal necessary aspect. It does this enabling us to ground identity and purpose: as SK said "when I find God I am more myself." Paul says In him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17).

Meaning is related to the transcendental signifier and they way it orders relations as the top of the metaphsyical hierarchy. For Heidegger metaphysics is grouping sense data into ordered categories. that's' not a good thing for him becuase it means we lose truth in preconceived notions. The altnaritve according to Heidegger is almost logos sort of move, where we allow the sense data to suggest it's own categories so we let the organization work by itself. SK goes one step further than that and says it's not just the sense data that suggests the categories but the logos, the ordering principle the mind of God.

so it's an ordered relation form the top of the metaphysical hierarchy that enables us to ground our identity and our purpose in an understanding of who we are and what our lives are about and to orient that toward the infinite joys of heaven and knowledge of the divine.

Deist:  Above post has zilch to do with Christianity or the bible. But, then again, most Christians here steer clear of the bible, because they can defend it.

Mad max

 The wonderful thing about the meaning of life to me is that no one gets to dictate to anyone else what it is.

Do you see any big content laden posts so far?  See the deep penetrating analysis? See the obvious recognition of the major thinkers such as Heidegger and Derrida and Kierkegaard? But of cousre we can expect the atheist guru, the mathematical genius from Austria HRG to say something profound:


What a pity that they aren't things - except for those who are tempted by a feature of indoeuropean languages to reify merrily along. To say "God is Truth" is as semantically incorrect as saying "God is Yellowness".
Again with the Yellowness. Anytime you say something he doesn't know about, like philosphy  or thinking, he refers to the analogy he once drew to there being no Yellowness. Anytime he deals with anything that he can't handle he calls it Yellowness and bad analogy makes it go away.

But hey he doesn't disappoint us becuase I told you he would say something profound. To the idea that being has depth he says:

Depths are measured with sonar
that's it. that's the whole thing. Didn't I tell you he would be profound.can you say "threatened." they are obviously threaded by the appearance of a definition of something they know nothing about. they probably have heard the names Heidegger and Kierkegaard they feel they should know them but they don't.

So like other Mammals who encounter the unknown they poke it with sticks and try to scare it away.

one of them most hilarious responses comes form "Deist." His second contribution.

Originally Posted by Deist View Post

Well, HRG, what we see is the usual stuff, which is that Christians just make stuff up.
Christians of the middle ages talked about logos as ordering principle so my post is drawing upon a trad ion at least a thousand years old. but I just mad eit up? how does that work?
what you really mean is you are totally ignorant. you dot' know anything about majorette issues of modern Western thought. I've got Heidegger and Derrida and Schweitzer and Sartre and Kierkegaard and you can't think of anything to say beasue you don't know any of it.

When you have a document of almost a milliuon words, with sentence structure that is very odd and peculiar, with contradictions galore, with humans interpreting those words to fit their own worldview, you get people just making stuff up.
Of cousre it doesn't dawn on little boy lost here that "strange and odd" terminology is a matter o what you have read. "memes" are strange and odd to me because I don't read crap. he hasn't heard about the major thinkers o the 20th becuase he's not well read. So like most people who are not well read he tries to turn his ignorance into a badge of accomplishment, and he tries to make my Erudition into a sin.

this is the outcome of the atheist movement, Ignace personified. A movement based upon being badly read.
This is just another in a huge series of proofs that atheists are essentially badly read and not deep, not thinkers, and their movement discourages any real intellectual life. These are staples of the western tradition. Schweitzer, Heidegger, Kierkegaard. They know nothing of them. they say I'm made them up! They think for something to be Christian it can only be a shallow surface level literalistic take on the Bible. They have never read  a page of theology in their lives they have no idea what it's about but they are intent on telling the guy with the Masters degree in the subject that he doesn't know anything about his field and they do.

Nothing I said in that article is a big radical ideas. It's all very tame and really pretty and conventional and old. They don't understand it and that threatens them. That's really hat the atheist thing is based upon. Badly read, shallow, discourage thinking. Free thinkers are slave thinkers. The Borwnshirts go marching on.

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