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On CARM The little attack dog "Blondie" (aka Steve Smith) is involved in trying to prove that Chrsitians have persecuted more people than communism did. He argues that he doesn't have to use documents to prove that Christians murdered thousandth of people because "everyone knows it."

see post 20
The simple fact that the Roman Empire went from pagan to Christian in one generation is proof of widespread persecution and murder. Lots of examples were listed in the OP and if you bother to do a little research you can find a lot more.

Then he accuses me of special pleading.

I would like to move on to serous articles but I just have to show some of these statements he's made becuase I can't believe how absurd they are. In trying to prove that Christians have persecuted more than atheists he actually tries to argue that Christians were in charge of communism!

post 20 again:

The communist/atheist argument is stupid. I'm glad you are not above resorting to the fundamentalist thinking you seem to hate more than anyone. Theists killed more people in the 20th century than atheists. This is assuming that the entire USSR was atheist. Given the fact that this was never the case and the majority of the USSR was always Christian your point is even more wrong.
This is the "simple fact?" The majority were Christians but that doesn't mean they were in charge of anything. They lived in an oligarchy, remember? At this point I was spitting milk through my nose. So he tries to explain how the figures it.

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that's a totally ridiculous statement. that's not proof of any kind. That requires that most of your assumptions you must prove in themselves before you can advance them as proof.

Your ignorance of easily researched facts is not an argument.

You can either believe I have already looked it up or do it yourself.

So I'm supposed to just believe his word because he tells me to, and I"M SPECIAL PLEADING!??

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are you saying the non communist people of USSR had a big say in their movement?


No, I'm saying that theists killed a lot more people than atheists in the 20th century and this argument that fundamentalists like to bring up about atheist killings is just stupid. It is factually wrong. It shows how apologists just parrot these things without even bothering to think about them or look it up.

The fact about the USSR being mostly Christian is just icing on the cake.
icing on what cake? one on Mars!?? here' his most rational statement.

"The Nazi attack on the Soviet Union in 1941 forced Stalin to enlist the Russian Orthodox Church as an ally to arouse Russian patriotism against foreign aggression. Russian Orthodox religious life experienced a revival: thousands of churches were reopened; there were 22,000 by the time Nikita Khrushchev came to power. The regime permitted religious publications, and church membership grew."

Like I said. This is just icing on the cake.

The fact is theists killed more people than atheists in the 20th century. Please stop saying otherwise. It just makes you look ignorant or dishonest.

So all the soldiers defending Stalin are Christians becuase the Orthodox chruch was asked to raise an army. That magically makes Chrsitians responsible for all of Stalin's murders? That's a hyperbolic and rhetorical question. Could he really be so dense as to think there's a comparison between people defending their country form attack by Nazis and Communists murdering people for their faith? They weren't murdering Nazis for their faith they were defending their country form invasion. They didn't do it because the chruch commanded them to but becasue they were forced to by Stalin.

This guy is truly living in his own private world if he thinks he can transform victims of Stalin's rule into murderers themselves because they fought in a war? This is the great genius who wants to prove that I'm so stupid I have no scholarship.

incredibly atheists are actually defending this guy. this shows how totally without honor they are. So totally sold out to hating Chrsitians they can't be honest about the mot obvious things.

asked if they agree that Chrsitians were in charge in the USSR
drugstar says:

humans are beings. god is the ground of being. therefore god killed them all.
others of them are going "I don't understand what you are saying." The famous HRG actually argues with Bondie that Christians were in charge of the USSR!

What's really funny is read the other thread I put up where I ask atheists in general if they agree. They are all hard at work avoiding admitting that he said crazy things.

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