Saturday, December 17, 2011

stupid atheist trick of the week

I can't believe anyone would be this dumb. yet here it is. In a discussion on carm where an atheist is drawing an analogy between spreading the gospel and passing a chain letter (I figured "they must be hard up for hate speech if they have to use this--but the fact that it was an analogy is important) another atheist chimes in:

Not just fundies engage in chain letters. Regular ole people do. They get an email saying something like "If you believe, pass this on and you will be rewarded witernal life and ice cream every day while you count your billion dollars, or if you don't pass this on, you get dirt to eat and suffering for all eternity."

Lots of people pass it on. This has to be how Christianity started. The original chain letter. Good example, troxel.

He actually takes it literally and claims that people are really willing to pass on letter believing they get eternal life. These guys must be really hard up to find things to criticize Christianity about if they have to resort to such balderdash. This was by "Diest" who has graces these pages with similar brilliance in the past.

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