Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am being slandered by demonic liars

this was a comment in the comment box for the last blog piece.

Composer said...

Readers should be aware that Metacrock is not reluctant to fabricate Papers and delete sritics that expose him in order for Metacrock to illegitimately support his lost cause.

1:49 AM

This guy is some kind of anti-Christian skeptic, not an atheist but their ally. He's now coming to my blog to slander me with the lie that I made up a source and intentionally tried to fool people with a false a publication that doesn't exist. I encountered this nut case on T Web where he is regarded as the board clown. No one there takes him seriously. That's because he can't make a serious post. All he ever does is mimic and rant mock rave and otherwise say anything that comes into his head as long as it's against Christians.

The back story: I was banned from TWeb so I can't go over there and answer his lies. I was banned because I threatened to sue them.I threatened to sue them because they would not stop this guy and another little demoniac name "Pixie" from spreading the lie that I made up a source, a fictional article called "On Rational Warrant" by Stephen Toulmin.

Here's the story behind the lie. If you look at the terms Toulmin and "on rational warrant" now you will find the T Web threads by Pixie. That's really unfair becuase the prominent of that which he brought about by posting a lot of garbage bull shit for a long time flooded the search engines and thus boosted his threads to the top and crowding out the article that I organically saw. Atheist are much better equipped for lying on the net because they can easily field an army of tolls who willing to post any lie at time, but Christians are lazy and don't care.

It all began with this idiot named "Pixie" who is really stupid and can't really understand anything but his argument style is to throw up a thousand things everyday see which one causes the most offense then focus on that forever. I had been talking about Stephen Toulmin and his concept of the rational warrant, which I blogged about on this blog. So this guy couldn't understand the issues involved so he found a linty little descrpency and as per his method he decided this is what he could blow up into a huge problem. It's not even mole hill, it's trivial. Here it is: I refer to the concept of Toulmin as "rational warrant." He found that none of the sources I quote form on Toulmin actually speak of ratioanl warrant. He just says "warrant."

Well another atheist actually posted on the link and said "yes logician do speak of "rational warrant." That is a standard term. That wasn't good enough for the demoniac because he sees an opportunity (what opportunists do). He sees an oportunity to harrass so he just bores in little insect that he is and keeps at it "you said that Toulmin taaks of rational warrant but he only talks of warrant. Therefore, you aer lying and Toulmin doesn't really believe in "rational warrant." I said "does that mean he believed in irrational warrants? He never answered because the fact that I am responding means he's got an issue so he keep drumming it up. he keeps insisting "you didn't use the exact phrase that he uses." I defined the phrase the way Toulmin does I defined my phrase and showed they are the exact same concept. But that's not good enough because here's an opportunity to say I lied so that's' what he says.

I was sure that I had seen Toulmin say "rational warrant" so I started looking for the phrase on google. I found several picks that show different things, all long articles I didn't want to read them all. One, in fact it was repeated in four different picks "on rational warrant," Stephen Toulmin. So I thought well that this must be an article that he wrote because the search was "where does Toulmin talk about rational warrant?" As it turns out that phrase was taken from the very message boards and my own words. I read those picks I had made the copy of al lthe picks four pages wroth to show that he talks about rational warrant. When i realized my error that it was not an article by him I said "well I made a mistake."

It was an honest because "rational warrant" is a common phrase among logicians. It' obvious Toulmin did not believe that warrant can be irrational. There's no reason to think he would have a problem with the term, I showed they are the same exact concept. we were in fat arguing about something so minuscule it's difference in saying "institute" or "institution." No no no this is proof I'm a liar. I made it up to fool people. They began spreading it around in all these really high and mighty sounding phrases like above."Metacrock is not reluctant to fabricate Papers and delete sritics that expose him in order for Metacrock to illegitimately support his lost cause."

To make a long story short I was banned because I threaded to sue and TWeb admin is paranoid of law suites. they had been extremely unfair to me before. they zapped my post for quoting myself on my own blog but they would allow my opponents to quote huge passages from any works. So I'm not there to defend myself. Since I'm not there the little cowards are just running wild with all manner of lie about me since no one will stop them. Let's look at the specific demonic lie the little demoniac tells above.

If I could get on Tweb I could find the posts with the four pages of Google search and show what I refereed to. since I'm banned I can't even see it.

here's the quote from "composer" (I guess I ought to call him Gershwin but he probably likes Gershwin).

Readers should be aware that Metacrock is not reluctant to fabricate Papers and delete sritics that expose him in order for Metacrock to illegitimately support his lost cause.

(1) not reluctant to fabricate.

sort of makes it sound like I do it all the time hu? Based upon one time when I said "on ratioanl warrant must be an article by Toulmin." I never even claimed to have the article.

(2) makes it sound I'm actually writing whole articles

It was just an off hand comment in a Google pick.

(3) and delete sritics

what scripts have I deleted? what is he talking about? what scripts do I have an opportunity to delete? does he think I'm a tv writer or something? Do you think tweb would let me into his post to delete his stuff? Maybe he meas something of mine I deleted. is that a problem? don't I have the right to delete my own stuff? I actually have no idea what he's talking about.

obliviously he's a liar and a slanderer. He's not reluctant to make up lies to defame people. When I do find out the little shit hole is I will sue him. don't be fooled little cretin I will sue you.

(4) to illegitimately support his lost cause.

what lost cause is that doufus? is the the case where I'm sayign "ratioanl warrant" rather than just plain old "warrant? wow what a lost cause I put my whole and soul into that it's o important. if the world think it's warrant rather than rational warrant Man i don't know how much untold damage will result. the whole of western democracy might be lost.

This is typical of the kind of lying little pipsqueak that hates God so deeply and hates good so deeply he will do anything to hurt people who love God.

I have no trouble at all thinking that this guy would put Christians Christians in gas chambers if he could. except that's giving him way too much credit for balls. he's a coward because like most of them he cant' fight fair. he waits until I'm banned so I can't answer back.

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