Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crooked Hillary vs Traitor Trump: We Are At War

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Marianne, French Uncle Sam, French Revolution.

I still can't get any conservatives or Hillary bashers to tell me what she's done that's illegal, Trumpies talk like she's on the lamb one actually said "she should turn herself in," That was one of the people responding to Jimmy Kimmel's joke man on the street survey and claimed to have seen an email on the news that Kimmel actually made up for the gag. At their convention they chanted "lock her up" you would think they would be able to tell me one thing she's done that's illegal. The closest they came to illegal was with the new email server controversy and they so far have no proof she did anything illegal. The Reps make it sound as though it's illegal just to use her own server but it is not. Republican presidents have done it. Bush destroyed 22 million emails.[1]  that the new emails have anything important, They don't know what,s on them and they did not have to make them public.

Besides that there's Benghazi and that is not a matter of legality but judgement. She;s also been exonerated on that because she asked for security it was the Republicans that held it up.[2] After that all they have is rumor and baggage. One friend who is making the disastrous error of supporting Trump listed a whole bunch of things about Hillary in response to my request for illegality. They were all things like: she was mean to the women who slept with Bill (the adulterers who slept with her husband) and the sailors on air craft carrier that hauled her around used the code name "broomstick one." So now "bitchy" is illegal? They want to lock her up for being mean and nagging a lot? That is all Petty rumor and innuendo. Then there is her speaking to businessmen for big money now, I taking money for rendering services to rich guys is illegal lock Trump up! If they are willing to pay so much to hear her speak why not? As for the dealings with Clinton foundation, people I know who work in non profit industry tell me that's SOP. She helped contributors get access to be in a position to help earth quake victims, wow what a crime! Not exactly as though she profited, Trump actually took money from his charity and used it for his persona needs,[3] The Clintons have never done that, Hillary is not charged with one crime Trump is invoked in  hundreds of suits and legal charges have been filed, he cheats people out of money and he;s even been charged child molesting, 
"Unrelatedly, Trump is facing a civil lawsuit from a Jane Doe who alleges that Trump raped her in 1994, when she was 13 years old, at parties hosted by the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who Trump called a friend. That lawsuit is scheduled to proceed in December, and Trump could be forced to testify under oath."[4]

Then there is Comrade Trump. Why "traitor?" Because he is enabling Putin to wage war on the united States. If he has his way it will soon be The united States of Trump. Trumptopia. Make no mistake about it, we are at war. The hacking of emails of the Democratic party by the Russian group Fancy bear and their attempt to influence our election through Wikileaks is nothing short of an act of war. Monday I showed that Trump is using his campaign to destabilize the country[5]:

(1) fomenting violence in the electoral process (that is a known tacitc in destabalizatiomn and you see it in ever Costa-Gravras film)

(2) casting doubt on the election results before it even happens

(3) urging supporters not accept results of he doesn't win

(4) as I showed last time dog whistling his followers to do voter intimidation at the polls and intimidation squads are already at work in Texas.

(5) Calling for the assassination of his opponent (several of his supporters are on record saying they hope this happens they hope she dies, someone should do it).[6]

(6) Labeling his opponent as law breaking vile "devil" and interjecting pure hatred for her to an extent that even calling or her death doesn't even strike anyone in his ranks as reason for doubting. This counts as a total disruption of the rational election process.

(7) At the same time there happens to be a coordinated barrage of damaging emails from a group, wikileaks that has ties to Putin and Moscow while the Russians are hacking the Democracts.

(8) expending a massive flood of disinformation and lies. People brush this off as Trump living in his own little World of make believe,even Hillary alluded to this in the debate. But it's a tactic it's part of destabilization. That is one of the things Roettenger told me they did as part of the coup against Guatemeala,.[7]

(9) Putin gave large sums to Trump organization people,[8]

Look at this objectively, what else is it but an attempt to destabilize the country while Russia wages Cyber war on us? It is clearly happening, Then you have those troubling payments from Russia to key people in Trump's organization.

Bottom line, Trump's stooge director Comey of FBI did not have to go public with the email story when he did. There was no reason to and there was reason not to as it violate federal law. The Hatch act prevents the FBI from influencing elections. He didn't worry about influence when he released the damaging info on the emails. He is guarding Trump from the damage of the other.[9] Gee it only looks like a duck right?

Hillary was not my first choice She wasn't my second choice. But she is the obvious choice we have now, because she's not an agent of a foreign power, and her goals for the country are well meaning and she has the ability to handle the job.I can't say any of that about Trump.

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump[10]

We need to wake up and face the fact that we are under attack. We are in danger of losing our democracy, as we have never been before. Trump is trying to destabilize the country and destroy democracy, so he can take full power.


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