Monday, March 7, 2016

Atheist Woodstock: "Reason Rally" 2016, Orwellian picnick

This is not from a "reason rally" but it's pretty good picture of what the
"reason rally" is about. Rather the forces it unleashes. This picture has
as much to do with reasoning as does the "reason rally."

Here we go again. The one in 2012 was so reasonable. Those people speaking up for reasoming being called to mock and ridicule thi8ngs with which they do not believe yes very reasonable. 24,2016 a small crowd of atheists will descend upon the nation's capital hoping to ignite a movement like the civil rights movement. But the civil rights movement was a just cause about the freedom of a people. The unreasoning rally is about fomenting hatred and ridiculing religious people. The sings are totally hateful. The crowd is, if the one in 12 is to measure it by, there to vent their anger and work up their hatred against God and his people.

The ureteric of it clearly hateful and manipulative. It is designed to do two thing's: (1) to work up anger and hatred against God, religion in general, and people who worship God, along with  a sense of  vindication for such feelings, (2) to create an identification with the deeply held political values such that one is identified with the other. That I do not believe is something Democrats planed on. Politicians know there['s more to be gained by laying on religion beliefs rather than starting at the bottom and working against the tide to change them, No this the theist con game to take the opportunity afforded by the elections' to identify their cause with that of social justice.

One website features a set of statements which are rather mysterious. They seem to be religious beliefs with which they disagree but then depart from that theme and go into things that have nothing to do with religion.

Speak Up for Reason! 

Ironic title sense nothing they show or talk about has anything to do with reasoning. Remember atheists are Orwellian, words are codes and mean other things. By :reason" they don't mean a deliberative prices based upon logic and wisdom they mean spouting slogans and brainwashing their adherents more deeply in to the cult.
Look at some of the posts from AW under the tab "Orwellian:" to see past atheist Orwellian language. One example is the term "delusional." An atheist admits when they say religious people are delusional they really don't mean clinically diagnosed as mentally ill they just mean looking things stupidly. in other words they create the impression of some real pathology because you don[t tow the party line.

If you know that you can be a good person without believing in a god …

If you think public policy should be based on scientific evidence, not religious beliefs …

If you support the separation of church and state …

… then join us on June 4, 2016, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, for the biggest gathering of nonreligious people in history! Fantastic speakers, comedians, musicians, and tens of thousands of supporters will rejoice together in the growing power of nonreligious voters.


Here are some of the slogans, each one is framed by "some people say" and "what do you think." This supplies the impression of deliberation and implies religious people think this.

Big sign says "Bible says stone the gays"

Does it? One would think those loading reason as a lifestyle would actually use some. No one is stoning gays so we must have done some reasoning about it and decided there's a reason not to, This does not bode well for the reasoning folk at the unreasoning rally,

"U.S. Constitution says blacks count as 3/5 of a person."

I realize there are racists in some churches the vast majority of Christians, however, are not pushing any kind of  movement toward reducing the rights of blacks. Not to mention the fact that a .ot of black people are religious. Just why are they saying this?


"women don't need the same rights as men"

Those who wish to silence women in the church, to which I am totally opposed, don't really say  they need it but it's God's command. There are count4er voices. The Council on Biblical Equality.

"Some say cheating is ok If everyone does it"


Do they think there's a big Christian movement to cheat?

"Some people say the world is flat"

some people say if you wear a tin foil hat they Martians can't talk to you. We all know there is no Christian movement of flat earthers and the Bible does not say it.

corporations are people


No they are not. Tons of Christians oppose that idea. Sure the church has a problem begging over by the right wing but not all Christians have forgotten the Gospel.

We beli

  • Public policy should be based on facts, not faith.

  • Medical research should be based on scientific rigor, not corporate or ideological influence.

  • Being patriotic has nothing to do with believing in a god.

  • Religious litmus tests for candidates are wrong.

  • Rational thought is important in personal and public life.

  • Democracy works best when everyone’s voice is heard.

   These are not matters of theology. No Christian is bound by theologh to make public plicu on faith,.

Join the Reason Rally Voting Bloc Party at Reason Rally 2016!

Best sings at old reason rally:

Religion is like a penis can't whip it out in public

where is my fucking pony?

Obama Isn't Trying to Destroy Religion I am."

 The whole spectacle of stupidity arrayed in favor of "reason."

Maybe God knows you were too stupid to care for a Pony


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