Monday, July 25, 2011

Atheists need offical permission of authority figures to believe the obvious

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...then either it has always existed, or it hasn't.

If it has always existed, then it might have existed for an infinite amount of time, or a finite amount of time.

If it has existed for a finite amount of time, it might have had a beginning, or it might not have had a beginning.

Lots of possibilities...
then I said:

Universe existing for an infinite amount of time does not negate the existence of God. God can be just real a possibility doing it that way. Here the analogy of the eternal flutist illustrates.

As long as the eternal flute player plays the music is eternal and yet contingent. Flutist is God and the music is universe.

Westvelteren said:

Got any science to back up your horse manure?

why would you need a guy in a white lab coat to tell you that you can believe something that is logically necessary to bleieve?

you are saying that you need an authority to tell you it's ok to believe the obvious?

music played eternal is obviously eternal contingency. why not? can you give me a logical reason why it wouldn't be? no o closure you want an authority to give you permission.

I am an official of the science gods who says You may now believe this. Yes it's true I am a historian of scinece and I was an atheist so I am official representative of the scinece god world and I say You may believe the obvious.

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