Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Brave Are Atheists Really When it Comes to Science?


A coward is dishonest. Stories of war "heroes" and people who acted in ways we call "brave," say they were afraid. They say it's not cowardly to fear. What is cowardly is not facing fears.

Intellectually the greatest fear is to have your arguments disproved.
I have been discussing studies about religious experience for years. I've posted massive amounts of info on the subject and on the studies on this board on my blogs and on the boards, not to mention my website.

Yet these studies are met with cowardice and fear on the part of atheists. they mock and slander having never read a single study! maybe someone looked up one (It think he actually read it).

Maybe 2 atheists have actual looked a bit of the primary material and commented but those comments were not anywhere near as negative as the bs ridiculous little slander of people have haven't come close to even reading a single study.

It is cowardice. I call you all cowards. None of you have my respect as thinkers because you slander things you don't know about, wont go any trouble at all to learn about it, I wrote a whole book then someone said "You wont 30 pages" like thats' some little things. Have you typed 30 pages, copying them form a text? why should I do that then the response will be not valid methodological criticism but the kind of pathetic half baked little nagging you have been doing.

*they once argued the studies are no good becuase they appear in a bibliography with a source by depok Choppra (and they had no idea why the source quoted Choppra).
* similar cirticisms based upon association with those who quote from the studies.
*because the studies mostly use surveys.
*one person read one article that summarized a bunch of the studies, and for no reason at all announced that "this is not a summary of independent studies. these sources are not studies" (I got several of them and read them and they were studies).
*lying about the peer reviewed nature of certain publications
*confusing arguments with the way I use the data vs with study methodology (I use it wrong therefore it's a bad study).

These are just a few of the myriad ridiculous knit picking irrelevant garbage argumetns it's on the basis of these that they have come to recite the slogans like mantra "every knows your studies are not good." no one has read a single study all the way through, most have not even seen one.

The only thing that comes close to real scholar arguments are these:

*Hermit kept pushing a study that showed serotonin levels correlated with religious experience. I looked up his study and found they didn't use a valid measurement to determine mystical experience. he did quote a study I use that is not against RE and does use the M scale and links the experience to serotonin. The author of that study says his study does not disprove the divine in mystical experiences. The author of that study in fact is a best friend of the inverter of the M scale (that was the Johns Hopkins study by Grifiths).

*one atheist found a study on the net that he claimed disproved the m scale, after reading it and finding it supports the m scale I pointed out the first pages says it supports it.
* one guy actually read a bit of the chapter I link to and said "here's a study that is disproved, this shows tha these studies are no good." It was disproved alright, it was an example of Hood showing why his M scale was needed and how its' much better than studies done previously, that was the previous study done before the M scale that had the problems. He's just taking it out of context to make my studies look bad.

These are the kinds of piddling dumbo stuff that is the basis of the mantra "everyone had read your studies and says they are not good." The very best attacks are out of context or actually support my view.

Then there re the cowards who will not look up a study, they wont click on a link but keep slandering the studies and talking everyone disproved.

that's just typical atheism anyway because that's all atheists ever do is ignore answers that theists give and go on saying the same things all the time.

I think the refuse to look up the marital is cowardly. They are afraid that God will be proved by the scientific work, that will cause their entire world view and self esteem to crash, they have to deny that at all costs. they would rather risk being dishonest cowards than to be disproved.


Unknown said...

We just want one shred of falsifiable evidence that points toward gods existence. Just one.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

"We just want one shred of falsifiable evidence that points toward gods existence. Just one."

that's what the M scale does. we have 200 studies filled with many such things that are falsifiable and verifiable because we can now control for false experience and true experience, that means we can measure it's effects on the people having it.

that does translate into a warrant for belief.

get the book, The Trace of God by Joseph Hinman (me) and read it!

available on Amazon.

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read the book. it's too complex to explain in 25 words or less. Or are you afraid to be proved wrong? Most atheists are.