Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Atheist Stupidity at All Time High: New Site "set free"


Atheists just keep the stupidity coming. Here's a new stie I found called "set free" by someone named Smith whose thought processes are abysmal. After going to a lot of trouble to prove that Christians believe God is omnipotent, I'm the whole page is devoted to it, he says this:

Well, how did God create the universe from nothing, when we aren't able to do something like that? How does God raise the dead, if we can't? How is it that God has infinite power, while we don't? Because God is God. The Almighty is capable of doing anything that He wants to do - things that we are not able to do or understand - yet.  http://www.execulink.com/~wblank/longday.htm 
The Christian website "Christian Teen Corner" make this humble claim for their Biblegod:

wow let's think, how could it be that God has infinite power and we don't. wow. that's a tought one. I'm going to take a wild guess here, could it be, I don't mean to just throw out wild foolish ideas, but...I mean never mind Bigfoot, this is a really crazy hunch but could it be becasue WE ARE NOT GOD????

It's a wild one uh? what the hell is this guy  thinking?

why the hell would we have

His big enemy that he's fighting is a site called teen corner. He's really going after the top thinkers.He does throw out some petty garabage agisnt Craig but they all do that. All the atheists ridicule Craig so much most of them have never actually read anything by him so they have no respect for him at all even though he could flay any of them in a real debate. Dawkins wont go near a debate with him.

The Set free site is typical of the proliferation. I've explained already about how they get social strokes for doing the thing. What he gets out of this site is Kudos for having it and that makes him feel special and ten he get's stroked for his ridiculing of religious people he doesn't have to have good arguments or think or study. all he has to do is insult Christianity in any way and he's gets the necessary social acceptance he craves. This is how he atheist brain washing conditioned them to accept any dumb ass argument they throw out.

All an atheist has to do is vomit on the side walk as long as he hurls in the direction of a chruch all his comrades will be patting him on the back.

If, as Augustine supposed, god has infinite power and knowledge of every sort, then god can cause me to act in particular ways simply by willing that I do so.  http://www.philosophypages.com/hy/3b.htm 
It should be clear by now that the doctrine of omnipotence is common among Christians, and that Christians understand it thusly: Biblegod is not a deity of limited power or energy; rather, he has infinite power, infinite energy.

Maybe he is. Something must account for how stupid they all are.  I suppose God wants to test seminary students by raising up atheists with really dumb arguments to see how can answer them.

His real argument is that E=mc2 disproves (I know I didn't super text I don't know how to on this blog) God's omnipotence because supposed it proves that there can't be infinite energy. This is the kind of dumb do do argument that anyone with any sort of education could eat for breakfast.

But is infinite energy even possible in our universe? According to Albert Einstein, no. One thing that Albert showed, and science has confirmed time and time again since then, is that anything that exists in the universe is either mass and/or energy. So, when a theologian claims his Biblegod "is a spirit" he is ruling out that Biblegod contains mass- that which you can see and feel, and they will tell you such if you ask. So having ruled out mass, all that is left is energy. How much energy do they claim? Infinite energy. But that does not exist, for two obvious reasons. First, if there were infinite energy, there would be no mass, for the existence of any mass whatsoever would mean there could be even more energy were that mass converted into such, per E=MC2. The fact that mass exists- any mass- proves beyond a doubt that the amount of energy in the universe has not yet become infinite. Secondly, if infinite, "without boundaries or limitations" energy did exist, we would not, for the entire universe would be like the insides of a microwave oven on high, to use a poor analogy. The amount of energy anywhere and everywhere in the universe would be so high that life, and even mass itself, would cease to exist. The entire universe would be vaporized in less than a millisecond. The very fact that you and I do exist proves that the amount of energy in the universe is not infinite, but has limitations.

He has this really stupid chart that uses  a rebus with Einstein's picture, and equal sign and atomic gomb to show that there can't be infinite power.

What is it with the these guys that they can't use imagination worth spit?I can name five appraoaches off the top of with no research anyone of them will beat this travesty of an argument like a drum.

(1) Obviously God can have infinite power (if we assume power = actual energy in the known phsyical sense) if he drains off most of it into antoher dimensions so it's not all released in this one. That would be possible in the multiverse that atheists are so hopeful about.

(2) God need not have infinite power in the conventional sense of actual energy to be omnipotant

(3) God doesn't have to be omnipotent (it's not really biblical concept it's Aristotle). This is especially funny because the site keeps saying "Bible God" evil mean old Bible God so that's the main this it hurt Christians feelings, but actually the God of the never uses the term "omnipotent" of himself.

(4) The universe could be a thought in the mind of God So God is complete control of all possible outcomes and can alter the laws of physics by thinking about it.

(5)  He doesn't need infinite energy because he controls the unified field.

These guys will jus spi out any garbage. But the new trend we see taking shape here is To put God on a level with us. To treat God as a big man in the sky and measure his limits by our standards. The people they are appareling to couldn't care less because All they really is social acceptance and the rush of bulling people they don't like. They couldn't care less how bad their arguments are. I've seen them say things like I don't care if your argument is true I still refuse to believe. A movement based upon being stupid can't win.


Anonymous said...

Guy sounds like an ex-fundy...teh God he's rejecting is very much the fundamentalist version.

As you should know by now not all atheists fall into that mold.

Rex said...

Hey Mr. Atheists Are Really Really Stupid And Mean,

When are you going to do a rant on how atheists as a group dominate the gawd team as a group in knowledge of not only world religions, but in most cases even over most believers within their own sect?

The executive summary can be found

Or are you afraid to publish the truth on your hateful site?

Metacrock said...

I will put my knowledge of world religion up against yours any time.

you've already demonstrated that you know nothing about Christianity.