they have no answer for temporal beginning argument. That's reason enough to believe.

The have no answer to the Thomas Reid argument. The same criteria that enable us to trust our experiences tells us that God is real. They have to keep pretending that th fortress of facts disproves is so they must invest more and more in the fortress and to do that they have to ignore valid theological issues in order to pretend that have no bearing on the case really matter.

For example Trolala's argument that knowledge is expanding. the truth of it is they dont' believe in knowledge except in one area, scinece. They abhor philosophy, they abhor poetry, they refuse to think that literature has any place aside from entertainment, because things all support belief in God.

the expansion of most knowledge has nothing at all to do with belief. In scinece itself there is no tension bewteen belief in scinece and belief in God. it's not as though the growth of technological production somehow agaisnt belief in God.

they had to totally and compete undermine the basis for theology to the point of lying about it and making it out to be the most stupid hideously ridiculous thing ever, without knowing anythings bout it. Any attempt to show it is full of intelligent people was met with the analogy of fine stitching of invisible cloying.As though all theologians ever do is sit around and talk about things in heaven.

they still don't know what theology is like becuase they refuse to read a single page of it.

they did not overcome the nutrition analogy argument. They had no basis for dealing with that. We can match the kind of indirect proof for God they can produce for neutrinos.

There is no basis for the fortress of facts or any such notion that knowledge not theological is in any way disproving belief in God.

they can't answer god arguments. the only kinds of answers they can give against the M scale are to screw with the issues around the frame work rather than deal with the thing itself because it better validated that mot studies in almost any field.