Wednesday, April 5, 2017

latest turn in dialogue with Skeptical

    1. What I observe is that people like you are certain of your beliefs beyond any rational justification. I observe that you go yo great lengths to try to justify what you believe rather than evaluating whether it is correct to believe it in the first place. When you take that approach, you are bound to be side-tracked by bias.

      And please don't give me this crap about being an ex-atheist. You were never an atheist. You were indoctrinated into religious belief. You may have turned away from it for a time, but you returned to the fold, precisely because the indoctrination was too strong to overcome. The truth is that there was never a time when you didn't believe.
  1. It's so laughable to see atheists trying to pull "you were not a true atheist" like a Calvinist saying you are not in the elect. At other times you will say there is no true atheism. You say there is no ideology no code of belief to live up to so what doe it mean to say one is not a true atheist?

    If you say it means I really secretly never stopped believing in God, well you never did either, you secretly believe.

    Bu yes there was a time when I did not believe in God. I don't care what you say I know it's true and you can't change it. Every time you say that you convince me all the more that you are running from the realty you know is there. You can't face the truth that God is real and he can get through to atheists you have no excuse.

    when you deny my atheism you just tell me that the fact of my conversion has a profound effect upon you.

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